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Don’t Overlook Grammar in Business Writing

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Publishers have made a fortune selling books about business writing. Likewise those who offer workshops, seminars and semester-long courses on the subject. There are countless webinars, e-courses, and simple blogs that profess to be the ultimate arbiter of proper business writing. Many are just repeating the same information while some claim to have found the one and only, surefire, best method for unlocking the secrets of successfully writing business documents — from emails to memos to handbooks and mission statements.

This post is NOT one of those.

The fact is that learning the accepted formats and formulas for business writing … More

The Business of Auto Racing

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Auto racing, like any professional sport, is not solely about the game. While fans enjoy watching them race around a track at hundreds of miles per hour, there are many financial factors that also make it a business. It’s what is necessary for keeping the sport running and growing and viable in the future.

Fans are the number one contributors to the business. Buying tickets and merchandise, attending races and events all provide funds to the racing entities like NASCAR and Formula 1. This provides the means for them to advertise the sport and attract new fans and sponsors. The … More

What the Mission Statement is For

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Starting a business can be a difficult task, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. Like setting sail on the ocean for the first time, when the land recedes into the horizon, any big adventure is marked by a combination of excitement and uncertainty. Yet there are ways to make the going easier, and any adventure needs to have vision and organization at the outset in order for it to be truly successful. If there is one central element of planning necessary for business, it most certainly is a business plan. And if there is a central element to … More

Consumer Affairs and Watchdog Groups

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In the literal sense, a watchdog is there to guard a human being and/or their property. Watchdog groups do the same thing. They offer protection against a variety of actions that will harm a person and/or their property and their rights as consumers. There are many groups that are found in many ways, through online organizations or community resources. A watchdog group is even easy to find on Facebook .

Some watchdog groups are global, as in the case with the ACLU or the ASPCA, and other are local. Sometimes they monitor a variety of issues, and sometimes it may … More

How Companies Are Helping Their Employees Stay Healthy

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Employers have begun to see the importance of having healthy employees in their company. To this end, they are designing programs that will contribute to employee health and wellness. They recognize that the benefits far outweigh the costs and the see it as a return on their investment.

Why It Matters

Businesses with healthy employees are healthier organizations. They have learned that healthy employees contribute to their success. How? Here are some important ways.

  1. Healthy employees are more alert and can be more productive. In addition to getting more work accomplished, they also make fewer mistakes and have better concentration.

Civil Society Revisited

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The notion of civil society is one that comes around cyclically, entering into the public discourse at key times, and then leaving once it has established itself in terms of definitions and frameworks. Interestingly, it is one of those notions whose definitions shift considerably each time, suggesting that it is rather fluid, almost like the notion of society shifts over time. For most definitions, there is a sense that it is a sense of public obligation, and a certain commitment to public and social institutions, and particularly those that lie outside of the realms of business or government.

In fact, … More

How to Become a Financial Genius!

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Financial wealth is a dream shared by many. How else to explain the billions of dollars spent on lottery tickets every year? Instead of leaving financial success to luck, some people prefer to earn their money through work, investments, and the occasional stock market gamble. While there is no 100% guarantee of high returns on every financial risk, it is possible to become a financial genius who is capable of recognizing and reducing risk and avoiding financial disaster.

Study the Basics
There are countless classes, books, and webinars offering to teach various methods of getting rich. These should be avoided. … More

The MotorSport Business

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It really is no secret that it takes a lot of money to race cars. Between learning how to drive, buying and modifying a car, and purchasing consumables like tires and fuel, you could spend upwards of $10,000, just to have something that you can take to a local track day. Imagine, then, how much it all costs for racing teams that run two cars, built by dedicated mechanics, designed by internal R&D teams, and driven by highly paid professionals. Yes, it’s expensive, but on the other side of the coin is the tremendous amount of money for the teams … More

New Companies Have To Put Customers First

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Customers are the most important part of a business. If there are no customers then there will be no business. However when it comes to a new business, customers hold even more importance then they do in companies that have already been working for years.

Importance of Customers

When you start a business, the basic question that that you ask yourself is how you are going to attract customers to buy your product. Being a new company you do not have any old history or record that will make people recommend you. You are starting from the scratch and you … More

Is the Auto Repair Business Still Booming?

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The car is a constant of the American landscape and lifestyle. Regardless of the changes that affect society the car remains a necessity of daily life. As a result of the fixation of cars, auto repair has evolved in parallel to the car. Though many people might think that the 2008 recession hit the auto repair industry, there are other factors that have influenced it much more than recession.

Auto repair is an inescapable fact of life. The only thing that predicts how business will do are conditions and 2012 saw some of the mildest weather in the past hundred … More